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Pop Up & Fabric Displays

Our fully magnetic popup display system provides a graphic or velcro receptive fabric backwall making it easy for you to assemble and disassemble for your event. Our pop up displays offer a variety of fabric choices and come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. There is also a mini version 3’ x 2’ version of this product.

Many options are available including a monitor mounting, internal shelving, matching towers and  light kits. 

Our Pop-up displays can feature graphics on ultra-portable fabric or durable magnet mounted materials. Click here to view your options in our digital catalog.

10' Coyote Pop-Up

Footprint dimensions:
118"w x 87.56"h x 36.5"d

20' Serpentine Pop-Up

Footprint dimensions:
217.75"w x 87.56"h x 60.5"d

10' Hop-Up (Fabric)

Footprint dimensions:
118.19"w x 89.13"h x 12"d

10' Horizontal Curved Fabric

Formulate™ exhibits combine the latest in fabric printed technology with a gently curved aluminum frame.